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Arkea® Bioaugmentation & Sludge Management


The Sturgis, KY wastewater treatment plant is a 0.5 MGD oxidation ditch with (2) final clarifiers. Disinfection is achieved using chlorine.

ArchaeaSolutions, Inc. Strategy

The City of Sturgis, KY decided to start a process sludge reduction project using Arkea® microbes and process adjustments. ArchaeaSolutions, Inc. personnel added an Arkea® generator. The plant installed a continuous read ORP (oxidation- reduction potential) meter to monitor the oxidation state of the process. The oxidation ditch rotors were hooked to the ORP output and controlled using a variable frequency driver.


The Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids were approximately 4500 mg/l at the start of the project and dropped within 30 days to approximately 500 mg/L before the Arkea® dosage rate of Arkea® was adjusted. The MLSS have been maintained between 1000 – 2000 mg/l. The plant has not wasted or hauled sludge offsite for over two years. The plant staff has adopted the theory of “Treat the wastewater only when it wants to be treated.